Impression brand

Following its customer-centric philosophy, SCPG has launched a series of INCITY brands. The brands of Vanke and SCPG for commercial properties have been consolidated since 2016, enriching the INCITY serial brands and further completing the matrix of produ

  • INCITY·Regional shopping center

    Regional shopping center

  • INREACH·Local shopping center

    Local shopping center

  • INPLACE·Community shopping

    Community shopping

  • INCITYMEGA·Mega shopping center / destination commercial facility

    Mega shopping center / destination commercial facility


Corporate Responsibility

Focus on Commercial Operations
From a Specialized Leader to an Industry-Wide Leader

SCPG has established the SCPG Foundation to better perform its responsibility. Adhering to its philosophy of "serving the people for better life", SCPG takes on social responsibility actively as it is committed to donation and support for schools and students, help for the poor, disaster relief, environmental protection, funding for volunteer activities and other public services. SCPG and the SCPG Foundation will focus on today's changes from a future perspective while actively participating in public service undertakings.