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Summary of SCPG 2016 Mountain Climbing Activity

news of the group Publisher:  Date :2016-10-20

With cool autumn breeze and comfortable weather in October, after the National Day holidays, on October 14thSCPG organized "Summer Cool Mountain Climbing Outdoor Activity" for company staff. They visited the Dapeng Qiniang Mountain and the Dapeng Qiniang Geological Museum. This mountain climbing activity witnessed sweaty faces, exciting  s, intimate conversations and laughter among all participants. The whole mountain climbing process was full of heart-warming and happy moments. It had an interesting "Look and Move" group game. The participants supported, helped and encouraged each other, which fully showed the spirit of unity and hard work. They jointly completed the mountain climbing activity. The team visiting museum also learned more about geological knowledge and Shenzhen's landscape.

On the day, all participants were divided into Mountain Climbing Team and Museum Team for this enjoyable summer outdoor journey!


Energetic Mountain Climbing Team!

Museum Exploration Team!


before departure!

Departure group photo after arriving at the foot of the mountain! Everyone was full of energy and ready to embrace the tough test! Before departure, in order to make the activity more interesting, we carried out a mountain climbing order draw! All team leaders were eager to draw their lucky number.   

Encouragement to themselves of each team and their group photo before accepting the challenge!

In the mountain climbing process, participants showed their passion and energy! It was a mountain climbing activity full of happiness and fun. 

Thanks to the help provided to each other, even the elder sisters successfully made it! They were very happy! 

Two company leaders caught up even when they started later than others! Energetic Mr. Zhong and Mr. Sheng! They were like the masters of martial arts! They climbed quite fast and left many young men behind! Haha, when the young people saw Mr. Zhong and Mr. Sheng’s quick steps, they just exclaimed: “WHAT! So fast! Leaders, please wait for me!”

At the top of the mountain, Mr. Sheng, Mr. Zhong and everyone else did funny and spirit lifting games. The participant of these two leaders reflected the unified spirit of SCPG staff at all levels. They together created and enjoyed such beautiful moments! Photographers had been moved by this joyful atmosphere as well and took the photos of their moments of success!

Mr. Sheng and Mr. Zhong, the two “martial art master like” leaders were definitely veterans.

To encourage participants, we set different rewards to those fearless and energetic colleagues!

The rewards are: MI Wrist Band as the first prize; Smart Coffee Cup as the second prize; Bluetooth Audio Set as the third prize.  

The winners are:


First prize winner: Pink Team

Second prize winner: Red Team

Third Prize winner: Black Team

Humorous and encouraging Mr. Zhong and Mr. Sheng awarded the winners.

There were another three Excellent Individual Prizes! They performed wonderfully!

When mountain climbing activity came to an end, we organized dinner in Dapeng Golden Wave Sea-view Restaurant for all participants. This restaurant is close to sea with beautiful view. After dinner, they went back to SCPG Plaza and the activity officially ended. 

The event was full of fun and joy. It provided a good opportunity to exercise in spare time. It also lifted the spirits of teamwork, competition and meeting the challenge. We could feel the care and help among each other through this non-working activity. This activity united staff of all levels together with its people-oriented and solidarity atmosphere. It was a wonderful experience in beautiful Dapeng Qiniang Mountain with interesting activities and energetic SPCG colleagues! Looking forward to the next tour with dear colleagues! Together, we can challenge more difficulties! 2016 SCPG Summer Mountain Climbing Activity Ended with a complete success!