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SCPG INCITY Makes Your Life Worth Your Dream——The release conference of the flagship project of SCPG was held ceremoniously ,and it will present a brand new future urban life style!

news of the group Publisher:  Date :2016-10-28

On October 26, SCPG, a leading invester/developer/operator in retail business property held a grand release conference featuring the theme of "Let Your Life Worth Your Dream" in Shangri-La Hotel in Jingan district for its eye-catching flagship project named SCPG INCITY. Mr. Cai Xiaofei, vice head of Jiading district, and Ding Liye, chairman & CEO of SCPG, as well as several hundred industry insiders and media reporters attended the conference, witnessing the debut made by SCPG in Shanghai and the public release of the brand positioning of "Above the Life" of SCPG INCITY. So many exclusive highlights vividly interpreted by plural scenes made people imagine and expect the brand-new future urban life style constructed by SCPG INCITY.

 Illustration: SCPG INCITY Positioned to Be "Above the Life" 


Focus on the new eco-city  Deepen the regional development      

Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim have been key areas in the operational plan of SCPG. These three regions represent the most economically dynamic regions in our country and also the regions seeing the number of middle-class households growing at a soaring speed. According to the Statistical Communique for the National Economy and Social Development in Shanghai for the Year of 2015 released by the Statistics Bureau of Shanghai in March this year, the per capita GDP in Shanghai topped 100,000 RMB for the first time in history in 2015. The latest overall planning for Shanghai (draft) put forward that Shanghai will be transformed into a superb global city, becoming an appealing city of innovation, humanity and ecology by the year 2040.

The new Jiading will also spare no efforts to realize the characters of ecology, livability, entrepreneurship and innovation, becoming a combined new city with strong comprehensive strength and strong projecting ability supported by the first-class eco-environment, first-class functional facilities and first-class industries.

This time SCPG set its project in Jiading of Shanghai to assist in building a dynamic Jiading  d on the construction goal of the whole Shanghai and its trend of rail transportation and it will inject more commercial vigor into Shanghai and further deepen the regional development.


Positioned to be "Above the Life" and build a mall that can breathe

SCPG INCITY positioned to be "Above the Life" is worth expectation in the same way we have for the blueprint for future development made by Shanghai and Jiading. First of all, SCPG INCITY, with a total construction area of 320,000 square meters, can be rated as a "mall that can breathe". Different from the traditional shopping center, it emphasizes the forward-looking idea of ecological design which integrates the ecological commercial building, community culture and public spaces. So, people can enjoy an ecological urban life to their hearts’ content in such environments close to nature as the small town on roof, backward terrace garden and jogging path.

Secondly, SCPG INCITY is a urban landmark building constructed on the light railway.  d on the development of the urban rail transportation of Shanghai, it seamlessly connects No.11 light railway line and is in the immediate vicinity of important elevated high-speed lines, and what’s more, its large-scale bus transportation centre arranged on the first floor offers a solution to the problem of "last kilometer" in traveling.

Relying on its ecological architectural design and the status as a three-dimensional transportation hub, the projecting commercial circle of SCPG INCITY will be expected to be up to 5-10 kilometers in radius. It will satisfy the refined experience demand of the surrounding communities and consumers with its considerate solution to a quality life. For example, it adopts the new concept combination mode of different types of businesses with each floor having experience scenes according to an independent theme which integrates the characteristics of the market place, special street and small town.

In addition, SCPG INCITY will realize comprehensive intelligent management which will include the consumers, tenants and cooperative partners into the intelligent management system through its "Passion Fruit Intelligent Platform" to make the shopping center operate in a more high-efficient way and let the consumers and tenant have a more convenient experience.


Its limitless value guarantees a dream urban life

At the meeting, Ding Liye, chairman & CEO of SCPG, told the growth story of SCPG by staying true to its original aspiration in the retail business property industry of China and emphasized on their hope to transmitt their idea and commitment of merriness to the citizens of Shanghai. This is exactly the brand value of SCPG INCITY and also the mission of SCPG in its efforts to "build a center of merry shopping, open an interesting journey and become the source of vitality".  d on this mission and insistence, SCPG built SCPG INCITY for the first time in Shanghai.

For the future of SCPG INCITY, Mr. Ding Liye expresses his beautiful wish, " SCPG INCITY will be constructed into an ecological city which would integrate the characters of urban space and natural ecology, integrate humanized service and scientific and technological ecology and integrate our innovative thinking for the future and intelligence ecology. I believe that our insistence on our dream and original aspiration will let SCPG INCITY realize all our expectations for the city and life in a perfect way 3 years later. It will bring a kind of life style that is worth your dream to this city! "


About Business Property Co. Ltd. of SCPG

As an investor/developer/operator specialized in the retail business property in China, SCPG was established in 2003. With its operations running through the whole value chain of the business property, it is mainly targeted at the consumers of a moderate income by offering custom-made shopping centers and services  d on the consumption demands of different areas, and aims to create long-term returns higher than the average market level for the shareholders. The business property project SCPG has invested over the years totals more than 60. At present, the total amount of assets under its management is over RMB 30 billion and it is holding and managing more than 30 shopping centers of “IN” series mainly distributed in regions of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim, with a total construction area exceeding 4 million square meters.


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