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The Strength Stemming From Staying True to Our Original Aspiration——The Charity Foundation of SCPG Goes Into Lianshan

news of the group Publisher:  Date :2016-10-28

On October 17, the group for the “Awarding Teaching and Aiding Students” activity initiated by the charity foundation of SCPG went to Lianshan Yao Autonomous County and it sent the “Awarding Teaching and Aiding Students” funds as well as the books and stationery & sporting items donated by the headquarters and SCP Plaza to teachers and students from Sanshui Elementary School and Hedong Central School in Lianshan. Along with all this is the blessings and hope of SCPG for these teachers and students.

This activity handed out “Awarding Teaching and Aiding Students” funds to 13 outstanding teacher and 23 students with financial difficulties and in this way to encourage those outstanding educators who have been working in the remote mountainous areas and help those students trapped in poverty to do better in the future study. The schools thought highly of this activity and expressed their gratitude to the Charity Foundation of SCPG for its support of the educational cause of mountainous areas.

Since its establishment, the charity foundation set up the program of “Awarding Teaching and Aiding Students” d on the principle of “fulfilling our social responsibility and promoting the local educational cause”. It is several years since this program started aiding Sanshui Elementary School and Hedong Central School through handing out bonuses and making investment to improve the facilities and equipment of the schools. These acts represent the concrete implementation of charity by our group.

“You can achieve your goal only by staying true to your original aspiration”.  Silent insistence is the way we are committed to our mission.