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SCPG Made Second Appearances at MAPIC2016 in Cannes of France

news of the group Publisher:  Date :2016-11-21

In mid November, when a chill just arrived and the remaining passion of China’s e-commerce firms for the “Double Eleven” online shopping carnival has not yet dispersed, another top business event held in France of Europe has caused widespread concern of big shots in global business. Between November 16th and 18th, Leo Ding, chairman of SCPG and his party were invited to attend MAPIC 2016 – The International Retail Property Market in Cannes of France, named the "Oscar" in the field of international commercial property. As China's leading investor, developer and operator in the field of retail commercial property, SCPG has attended MAPIC for two consecutive years. Other Asian companies such as Wanda and CapitaLand participated in the event as well.

A French afternoon tea with in-depth communication

Established more than 26 years ago, MAPIC enjoys a high reputation in the field of commercial property exhibition in Europe and the world, attracting over 8,000 participants from more than 70 countries, including 2,000 retailers, 2,300 property developers, 360 investment companies and service providers, and dozens of authoritative media. The participants in the field of international commercial property expressed great concern on the rapid development of domestic e-commerce firms, and therefore, O2O became a hot topic of MAPIC2016.

During the event, a number of European mainstream property media, including Construction & Investment Journal, Property Investor Europe, Immobilien Magazin, Immobilien Zeitung, BMD (United Brands Association of Turkey), Property EU TV etc, with their interest in the Chinese market, enthusiastically had exchange discussions with SCPG on China’s retail market environment, the European brands’ opportunities to enter Chinese market, the nowadays popular O2O and other issues. This was another communication in depth with the European media after 2015, when Chairman Leo Ding became the first Chinese entrepreneur on the cover of MAPIC NEWS.

In a pleasant French afternoon tea time for coffee or wine with exquisite Macarons, with his back to the endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea, Chairman Leo Ding gave in-depth interpretation to the European tenants and reporters of the Chinese retail consumer market and European brands’ opportunities to enter the Chinese market. He believed that Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly mature and no longer blindly pursue luxury and famous brand goods, instead, they are more interested in the brands with quality, personality, attitude and proposition. In addition to the concept of consumption, the size of the middle class with real consumption capacity is growing, and therefore, now it is a good opportunity for some European family or niche brands with long history to enter Chinese market. Moreover, whether it is in China or Europe, the retail business online and offline has been in mutual integration. The online e-commerce firms begin to penetrate the physical stores, and the offline physical stores are gradually expanding online sales channels. Just a few hours of communication helped the audiences to have deeper understanding of the current situation and trend of the Chinese and international retail consumer markets.

More than 100 European brand merchants attended SCPG’s special party

For SCPG, the main purpose of attending MAPIC 2016 is to seek and introduce more European brands to its "impression" series of shopping malls. Unlike some domestic shopping malls with the high-end positioning, the SCPG INCITY, SCPG INREACH and SCPG CENTER are located in the middle and high-end regional shopping malls to serve the domestic middle-income group. With the expansion in the size of the middle class, China’s shopping mall industry will face the concentrated release of the demand for quality consumption. SCPG hopes to increase the introduction of high-quality and personalized tenant brands to deepen consumers’ unique experience in quality life, highlighting the landmark and non-substitutability of the "impression" series of brand shopping malls. The previous cooperation between SCPG and the CJ group of South Korea was for this purpose.

If South Korea is called a fashion country, then France is the birthplace of quality life, where there are lots of commercial brands with long history and outstanding quality. On November 17th, with the strong support of the MAPIC sponsor, SCPG held a cocktail luncheon titled with “Opportunities in China’ s Retail Market” and invited more than 100 native European retail brand merchants for the party. He Yibing, founder and chairman of LianLian (a social APP developer) and Wu Guoping, founder and chairman of Grandmas Diet Group from China were also invited to  the party. As SCPG’s partner for years, LianLian sets up its first pilot project in the Hangzhou XiXi INCITY, thus creating a new social mode of shopping mall, while Grandmas first settled in Suzhou INCITY, then developing into a domestic influential dinning brand. In the face of European brand merchants, they shared their stories of the years of cooperation with SCPG and successful experiences.

In addition, regarding the ways of cooperation that the European brand merchants were most interested in, SCPG said that the Company would consider to adopt more flexible strategies of cooperation with quality brand merchants to introduce international excellent brands through franchise, proxy or collaboration, hoping to further implement the differentiation strategy of the "impression" series of shopping malls and strengthen the competitiveness of products.