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The Opening of INCITY of Tianjin Starts the New “Impression” in Tianjin in the Coming New Year

news of the group Publisher:  Date :2016-12-27

At 10:00 in the morning of December 23th, INCITY of Tianjin---FIND YOUR TRUE COLOR--- held a grand opening ceremony and it started operation in a sea of blooming flowers. The bonus capturing of lion dance featuring overflowing flower fragrance, gorgeous colors and superb skills attracted much attention; the magic spirit carnival party, engaged in the passionate interaction among people, was like a Christmas party ahead of time. All this made people feel the surging passion and its chic character of the brand-new INCITY.


The interaction between people and the screen--- Dance of Flowers

Ms. Xu Ying, CCO of SCPG, delivers a speech


Ms. Li Yan, general manager of INCITY of Tianjin, delivers a speech

Mr. Yu Xiongfeng, senior director in real estate for the region of Greater China of Nike---a representative of users--delivers a speech


The launching ceremony for the grand opening ceremony

Mr. Ding Liye, chairman of the board and CEO of SCPG, adds the finishing touch on the eye of the lion for the dance lion


Ms. Li Yan, general manager of INCITY of Tianjin, received the bonus in the lion dance, which implied INCITY of Tianjin will have good luck and brisk business in the future.


INCITY is the flagship product of a series of “IN” shopping centers of SCPG, a domestic leading operator in the retail in business property. With an attitude to lead the change of lifestyle in urban citizens by a forward-looking sharp sense in fashion and enrich people's lives and promote their life quality by new experiences, it targets the young families and trendy people. Following Changshu, Suzhou, Ningbo, Gudun and Xixi of Hangzhou in East China, Foshan in South China, Xi'an in Northwest China, SCPG appeared in Tianjin for the first time. INCITY of Tianjin also represents the first project in its development plan in North China, which can be rated as a pioneering project.

The biggest commercial complex in Tianjin opens a new business circle in Meijiang

 The choice of the site of INCITY of Tianjin reflects the wisdom of SCPG---at the junction of Youyi Road and Outer Ring, in the immediate vicinity of the central area of politics, commerce, finance, humanity, recreation and exhibition in Tianjin; enjoying convenient transportation conditions near the Outer Ring; opposite to Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center where Davos Forum is held and in close proximity to Grand Meijiang, a livable ecological residential district for the rich in Tianjin. The opening of INCITY here means it will become a super-large commercial complex in Meijiang District, which will enrich the business types in this district. Tianjin will see another large-scale business center incorporating shopping, leisure activities, children’s amusement facilities and restaurants.

The reporter knew from the press conference following the grand opening ceremony of INCITY of Tianjin that by December 23, 2016, INCITY of Tianjin had entered into contracts with nearly one hundred brands in total with a contracting rate of up to 98 % and opening rate of above 90 %. Among these brands, 14 are seen for the first time in Tianjin; 10 restaurants among 30 brands are seen for the first time in a shopping center. What INCITY of Tianjin has brought are the most fashionable trendy brands, table delicacies and creative amusement forms, which not only satisfies the daily demand of consumers but also represents a pursuit of new and high quality lifestyle. Meanwhile, INCITY of Tianjin would take this advantage to create a commercial model of warmth together with its cooperative partners to provide a brand-new commercial experience for the consumers!


Mr. Sheng Yufei, Ms. Li Yan and Ms. Xu Ying (From left to right) They were interviewed by reporters in the press conference


The first appearance of unique brands offers a one-stop solution for your demand of meal and entertainment

Walking around in the business center following the hot samba dancers and magic hair spirits, people got a more concrete understanding of this brand-new shopping center. The whole shopping center has 4 stories housing the factory stores of NIKE, ADIDAS and CONVERSE in large areas. The Green Party is the largest flagship shop in the whole country at present, having the electronic sports game with the theme of “In Memory of Internet Geeks”. Such stores as the healthy and merry Cool Play PLUS are seen for the first time in Tianjin. Trying all efforts to break from the conventional business center, INCITY aims to offer the young people in this famous city with a tradition of cross-talk the trendiest experience in shopping, leisure, amusement and social activities.

INCITY is devoted to providing the best for your gustatory buds by introducing the famous restaurant in Hangzhou--THE GRANDMA'S for the first time in Xiqing District, so people can enjoy the marvelous feast that will leave an indelible impression just like the old poem about Hangzhou. This restaurant is so popular in the whole country that there is always a long queue before its door. Old Dock in Tianjin, a representative in the folk customs featuring the authentic Tianjin style cuisine and also a leader brand in Tianjin style cuisine, has also made its first debut in INCITY, which serves as a mark of strong local characteristics for the INCITY chain in China. The authentic Korean food TANTANDALU made its debut in Tianjin, so you can eat the Korean table delicacies in INCITY of Tianjin.


In addition, INCITY of Tianjin also advocates the family recreational lifestyle of “Happy Whole Family” by providing the business types of children's clothes and toys, theme amusement park, international early childhood education, etc. suitable for adults playing together with children. On the day the grand opening ceremony was held, the extremely high opening rate of shops and stores in INCITY let the residents living in Meijiang experience the convenience of the one-stop solution for meal and entertainment at such a short distance from their homes.


The carnival on the opening day sees the magic hair spirit appearing in Tianjin


Different from the opening of a general shopping mall, the grand opening ceremony of INCITY of Tianjin was not only a ceremony, but a Super Party lasting a whole day. The trendiest DJ music playing brought the most powerful sound and the dynamic and hot samba dancers were patrolling in the whole building, interacting with the customers. Their smiling faces plus the rhythmic dancing steps seemed to bring people back to Brazil to have a carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and their heating passion instantly dispersed the severe coldness in this season.



The hot samba dancers walk around


The festooned vehicle of magic hair spirits patrols



The face-to-face meeting with magic hair spirits

Sharing of INCITY cake


Beginning from December 1, INCITY held a Magic Party witnessing the miracle through the festooned vehicle of the most adorable magic hair spirits patrolling the whole city, and it drove through Jiefang South Road, Youyi South Road, Balitai, Haiguang Temple, Binjiang Avenue….. On December 23, this long-lasting tour returned to its   camp - INCITY. Starting from the Christmas weekend of December 24th and 25th, a new round of carnival patrolling of INCITY, including the Santa Claus, festooned vehicle queen and balloon girls, will be presented in a dazzling way, and at that time, the magic hair spirit beauties will appear in INCITY to perform magic tricks in the building by saying hello to all of you, young and old, and posing for group photos for commemoration, thus adding the most brilliant color to Tianjin.