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SCPG, Vanke’s new business platform, holds its first “Run, SCPG, Run 2017” event to celebrate the Chinese New Year

news of the group Publisher:  Date :2017-02-17

A fun event “Run, SCPG, Run 2017” held by Vanke’s new business platform SCPG was officially opened in the Shenzhen Central Park on 16 February 2017, the springtime in Shenzhen. The event consists of 5km race, basketball games and fun activities, with over 400 participants of SCPG’s employees.

In accordance with the theme “Cheerful Mood, Team Spirit, Company-wide Fitness”, the event is aimed to create a self-built sport brand for the company so that its employees keep healthy in the sports, learn solidarity in the games and interact with each other in the struggle. From the basic concept of "Friendship Comes First”, the participants are provided with many outdoor experiences in the various activities of fair and open process.

Now let’s look back to the event’s major parts and wonderful moments!


Instructed by the professional fitness coach, the participants do warm-up before the activities start.



Mr. Ding Liye, the leadership of the company, fires the pistol to officially announce the start of the event.

Pistol Firing


Gathered and poised for running


Mr Ding leads the race


Marathon hit line wonderful moment

Drinking water is sufficiently available on the whole course of the race and medical service points are specially set for the participants to relieve fatigue, restore strength and finish the race.


The fun team activities are meanwhile being hotly held, where the p s fight with wits and courage. Who will win? Let’s have a look at the scene.


Basketball Game

Fun activity - tug of war


Fun activity - treasure hunt


Fun activity- “Cock fight”


Guided under the spirit of “Self-challenge, Beyond the Limits, Firm and Indomitable, Never Give up”, the p s are all in full energy, compete tooth and tail, and not loath to lag behind. Eventually, the top three teams win the games according to their respective total score: Yellow Team (champion), Green Team (runner-up) and Orange Team (second runner-up).

Award-winning teams

The employees have not only enhanced their exchanges between each other in the event, but also have raised their awareness of fitness, where the unique charm of the running event is embodied. The “Run, SCPG, Run 2017” comes to a successful end, as the p s compete and sweat!