About Us

  • SCPG

    Public Service Foundation

    The SCPG Public Service Foundation was initated by SCPG and was registered with the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Shenzhen in 2014. Adhering to its philosophy of "serving the people with better life", SCPG takes on social responsibility actively as it is committed to donation and support for  schools and students, help for the poor, disaster relief, funding for volunteer activities and other public services. SCPG and the SCPG Public Service Foundation will focus on today's changes from a future perspective while actively participating in public service undertakings.




    Since its inception, the SCPG Public Service Foundation has actively responded to the call for poverty alleviation, especially "poverty alleviation through education" and carried out a number of projects. 

    The implementing the SCPG Foundation's "IN-EDUCATION" project, our teams visited the education authorities and primary and secondary schools in Zijin County, Heyuan, and  Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County, Qingyuan City, and other places of Guangdong Province to investigate local education resources and supporting conditions on the field. Since 2010, the foundation has carried out assistance activities continuously in these places. The Foundation has also designed a wide range of supporting measures for local schools in terms of infrastructure improvement, electronic teaching equipment, enrichment of readings, characteristic classes, etc. to improve the education conditions. It also worked with local schools to carry out education supporting, visit poor families, fund the study of poor students, and provide scholarships for outstanding teachers and students to encourage them to be devoted to local education and improve the local education conditions.

  • Business


    According to its object, the SCPG Public Service Foundation raises charity funds, organizes donation for construction of schools, helps the impoverished households, provides public services, carries out exchanges and cooperation with other non-profit organizations, and provides paid support for profitable companies and social welfare undertakings.

  • Organizational


    The foundation's chairperson serves as the legal representative of the foundation. 

    The foundation's council is decision-making body of the foundation. The council has a chairperson and a secretary general who are elected from among its members. 

    The term of office of each council member is 5 years and he or she may hold consecutive terms if re-elected. 

    The foundation has one supervisor, whose term of office is the same as that of council members, and he or she may hold consecutive terms if re-elected.

  • Council Members


    Honorary Chairman: Ding Liye

    Chairman: Dong Yijian

    Secretary General: Jian Xixia

    Members: Dong Zhenjun, Huang Danhua, Pan Hong, Wang Jingxuan, Zhang Yiyuan, Zhan Guowen

  • Supervisors


    Supervisor: Tian Wei