About SCPG

Profile and Milestones

SCPG, founded in 2003, has been engaged in investment, development, operation and management of shopping centers with an international vision, and its business spans the whole value chain of commercial real estate. 

In 2016, SCPG became a member company of Vanke Group, which further boosted its commercial resources, business platforms, and development and management capabilities. As of December 2018, SCPG manages more than 120 projects in more than 50 cities across the country with assets of nearly RMB 80 billion and an area of nearly 10 million square meters in total. 

SCPG provides all-round services adapted to the needs of consumers at all stages by following the ideology of "full cycle, all scenarios, and total values" as well as breaking special boundaries and offering a comprehensive mix. We contribute to the development of urban and rural areas, the community and the environment. SCPG is positioned to be a comprehensive lifestyle service provider in the future.