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A Trip to 2015 ICSC RECon

Employee Life Publisher: admin Date :2015-06-05


  Set off at 08:00, May 14 (Beijing Time) from Hong Kong to US;

  Arrived in LA at noon, May 14 (Pacific Time) after 12 hours’ flight;

  Visited two shopping malls in LA on May 15;

  Flew to Las Vegas on May 16;

  Attended ICSC from May 17 to May 19;

  Flew to San Francisco on the evening of May 19;

  Flew to Hong Kong at noon, May 20.


  ICSC is short for International Council of Shopping Centers.

  ICSC has more than 70,000 members, including shopping mall owners, developers, operators, marketing experts, investors, tenants, retailers, as well as experts from academia and government organizations of over 100 countries such as the US and Canada. As an international industrial commerce association, ICSC enjoys connections with shopping mall associations from more than 25 countries and regions.

  We attended the ICSC RECon in Las Vegas to promote SCPG shopping malls, and at the same time to seek for potential partnership. There were only two companies from China, SCPG and Wanda, attending the convention; this is our sixth year of participation and Wand’s fifth. It proves that international vision of SCPG.

  What impressed me most when attending the convention was the work ethics of our people, always bringing the A-game spirit and staying focused and professional.

  Before the convention, Mr. Ding led us to several shopping malls so that we could understand the impact of different custom, culture and geography on the shopping malls; there were much for us to learn from.

  During the convention, our team specified each other’s responsibilities and carried out our own duties: reception, introduction or business negotiation. We paid special attention to details and always made our best efforts.

  Mr. Ding set up an excellent example for all of us. He was working at the booth every day. At daytime, he made introduction of our company to the international partners and clients, and sought cooperation; in the evening, he met with customers. He showed us what being focused, creative, passionate and sincere was like.

  I was inspired by many new technologies in the convention. This was a shopping mall convention but a lot of up-to-date and creative technologies were put into application. For example, experiential image synthesis like virtual fitting room could be used in the SCPG shopping centers.

  When I was talking to some software suppliers, I was shown the latest education, information and e-commerce software; most of them were mobile software with rich and practical functions, and enabled close interactions with clients and involvement.

  I believe that it is necessary that SCPG shopping centers improve themselves in these aspects, which agrees with the experiential shopping vision of the Group.

  At the same time, smart phones as the major mobile devices is becoming the focus for software programming. In the future, the mobile devices, to a major degree, will replace PC or even laptops in many fields, and become the mainstream devices at workplace and in people’s life. As IT personnel, we should be able to identify the trend and prepare ourselves when it comes.

  Shopping Malls

  We visited shopping malls in LA and Las Vegas.

  Shopping malls in LA were grand, because structure was usually big and there were ample space for shops, corridors and lounges. The whole shopping mall was very refreshing, natural and relaxing.

  Opposite to the natural design of shopping malls in LA, the shopping malls in Las Vegas were luxurious and artistic. In the city, the hotels, shopping malls, casinos and other major modern buildings were put together in one area; for some, hotels, casinos and shopping centers were in one complex, which was very typical in Las Vegas. The downtown area of the city was a gigantic business district.

  Shopping malls in both cities have their own merits, but the shopping malls in Las Vegas look more integral and reasonably efficient.

  Firstly, the ginormous business area constituted by hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and casinos in Las Vegas enables easy passing through all business centers.

  Secondly, there is an array of businesses in the center of the city, hence diversified choices for customers of different needs in a relatively small area.

  Thirdly, high quality products and the clear positioning of each shopping mall cater to different groups of target consumers.

  Fourthly, the artistic design and high quality of construction provide an exquisite shopping environment for the consumers and offers art designs and even art masterpieces for the consumers’ appreciation.

  Lastly, the occasional recreational activities in the magical shopping atmosphere drive consumption and demonstrate the signature of each mall.

  Our vision is to build an iconic shopping destination, deliver an experience that people love, and become a source of vitality for the community, and Las Vegas has already set a very good example. We can draw upon their success and make reference when we are on the path of achieving our company’s vision.

  Other Impressions

  First of all, the Americans may look more responsible but are not necessarily smarter than the Chinese. The Americans are en d to highly efficient machines and they are not efficient workers; some are even considered rigid. Therefore, it is important that we should not take ourselves lightly, and do what needs to get done.

  Secondly, the WIFI service in the US is not as good as that in China. WIFI service in many places is not complimentary, especially in the hotels. In this regard, we should be proud to show our strength.

  Thirdly, the Americans are very polite and in line in public. Their road manners are truly impressive. When they change lanes, they do not cut in directly but usually give a notice to others in advance. During my stay in the US, I did not see one single accident; but in Shenzhen, accidents happen everyday.

  To sum up, the trip expands my horizon and at the same time makes me believe all the more the close integration of shopping malls and information technology, which will become part of the core competitiveness of our shopping malls. We should establish ourselves in what we are going now and at the same time think out of the box, and bring closer the connection of information technology and the shopping mall business.