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Cool Annual Meeting Chapter 2: Stylish and Trendy Site

News of Other Regions Publisher:  Date :2016-02-01

The dinner venue is full of the elegance and symbols of the 1950s, which is stylish and trendy. 

When guests arrive the gate of Banquet Hall, they can see the main background of words in golden color writing Paying Tribute to SCPG • More than What You Can See;

After passing the main background, guests enter into the time tunnel with stars sparkling on their heads and display of classic literature and movies on both sides. In addition, there is interactive photo-taking and Elvis Presley Cosplay performance; 

In the sign-in desk, white carnations are in the themed words of “Paying Tribute to SCPG • More than What You Can See”. Guests can scan QR code for Wechat sign-in and everyone’s New Year wishes will be post on the blessing wall;

Before the official start of the activity, a few interesting and detailed settings such as Tarot cards, tattoos, cartoon sketches and instant photo taking and printing lifted guests’ spirit. 

Artist style in sign-in desk

Carnations for sign-in + high profile QR code

Surprising details:

Modern night view of skyscrapers at the entrance

Vintage channel back to the 1950s (part)

Travelling to the 1950: time channel with Elvis Presley Cosplay

Sweetheart ritual people:

You are enjoying view at this end while people watching the view are looking at you from the other end

Grand returns: luxurious western style banquet