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Golden Monkey Brings Good Fortune for New Year Refreshing Lion Sends You Luck and Blessings

News of Other Regions Publisher:  Date :2016-02-05

Another Spring Festival Holiday comes and in Jiangyin One City, there are unique and excellent activities to welcome the new year of 2016. 

The shopping mall is full of joyful and merry Spring Festival atmosphere with big red lanterns hanging all around, golden monkey and twin lions sending the message of spring, and lovely characters representing the Gods of Wealth and Fortune. The atrium is decorated in Qing Dynasty style. All customers can take photo in dragon robe for free, experiencing the feeling of time-travelling back to the ancient time. 

The site also has promotion activities and customers can get free coupons and cash, which make them excited and satisfied. 

Difficulty is a hard stone. For the weak, it is an obstacle while for the strong, it is a stepping stone. 

Now, Jiangyin One City joins hands with Agricultural Bank of China to launch an activity called Spring Festival Red Envelop Giving Activity, Exchange 30RMB at 1RMB. This activity involves many Jiangyin citizens and was taken as a surprise for holidays. 


Golden Monkey Brings Good Fortune

 Crazy Money Tree brings Long-lasing Fortune

Dragon rope and Crown for the New Year