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Joyful Spring Festival See you in INCITY

News of Other Regions Publisher:  Date :2016-02-05

The year-end comes again

Looking back

Whether you should have given more time to your relatives because the busy working schedule?

Whether you missed quality time due to the pressure in life?

When the romantic Valentine’s Day comes after the heart-warming Spring Festival

Suzhou INCITY prepared a series of wonderful and special events

In the hope to spend a joyful and loving double festival holiday with all of you

Event 1: IN Class – Free Lantern DIY

Paper-cut for window decoration and lantern-hanging are traditional Chinese customs for Spring Festival. To enable children to feel the traditional charm during Spring Festival, Suzhou INCITY cooperates with Small Hands Big Art organization and invites you to make your own red lanterns.

Let’s DIY and feel happiness together

Add more fun to this Spring Festival!

Time: Jan. 30th, 14:00-16:00

Event 2: IN Shopping- Special Purchase for Spring Festival

Spring Festival is coming

Are you still shy to express your feeling to families?

Here we prepare heart-warming special goods to help you express your love~

Special fruits grown in the sunshine of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Snacks favored by those who love staying at home and watching shows

Innovative leather handcrafts products to express individualism

Bodhi hand strings for evil expelling and valuable wooden hand strings

Lovely hand-made cartoon dough figurine

Warm-keeping products in winter such as scarf

All kinds of toys for all ages

Home is the sweet bay for you to rest

Spring Festival special purchase can express your love

Jan. 8th – Feb. 14th, Suzhou INCITY 1F Corridor, IN Shopping- Special Purchase for Spring Festival gives you full traditional taste

Event 3: New Year grand gift for free

You haven’t gotten annual reward?

You didn’t win any lottery?

Don’t worry, we have prepared it for you!

Suzhou INCITY New Year Grand Gift

From Feb.7th to 14th, everyday online gift sending

All free!

After registering the Wechat membership then you can participate in this activity for free by using membership scores

Move fast

Maybe this year you are the lucky one to have a new mobile for free

INCITY Wechat Membership registration method: follow Suzhou INCITY official Wechat → Click [Membership Exclusive] → Click [Join in Membership]

After filling in relative information, Wechat membership registration is completed. 

Event 4: Tailor-made in Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Do you want to provide perfect enjoyment for your loved one?

This year, Suzhou INCITY helps you to fix them all!

We provide free catering, movie watching and flower delivery service

You don’t have to plan or book the seat in advance

As long as you participate online interaction

A comfortable and desirable Valentine’s Day is yours!

Event 5: “All-round” Spring Festival

Only when the Jan. 15th is over on lunar calendar, can the Spring Festival can be officially called an end

During the time of family reunion, sweet gluttonous dumpling is a must

But please don’t forget on the Lantern’s Day

There will be lantern riddle activity in Suzhou INCITY~

Use your intelligence for wonderful gift

Come here and try your luck soon!