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SOHO Commercial and Residential Space above Dragon Head INCITY

News of Other Regions Publisher:  Date :2016-03-17

【SCPG Center】
Top-level IN SOHO(49-91 ㎡), Symbol of Wealth In Central Urban Area

SOHO is a style of architects which can either be used as residential apartments or working offices; SOHO is also a guarantee of asset appreciation for both financial investments or self-use. It is especially true when it comes to TOP-level IN SOHO of SCPG Center. [SCPG Center] Top-level IN SOHO(49-91 ㎡) is invested and developed by SCPG, China's largest leading commercial real estate and operation management cooperation. Guaranteed by its strong brand influence, IN SOHO also gets to enjoy SCPG Center’s matured commercial facilities.

Located in core commercial area of the city center, SCPG Center top-level IN SOHO dominates the peak of Dragon Head. It is adjacent to Metro line 2 station, and surrounded by many city main roads such as Weiyang Road, ErHuan Road and Wenjing Road. The traffic here is very convenient; you can easily get to the North Long-distance Bus Station and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. The three-dimensional transport network reassures high popularity of SOHO and your future wealth growth.

 In the meantime, as an important business form of SCPG Center, INCITY shopping center has already opened for business. INCITY has become a new entertainment landmark in northern part of the city by harboring dozens of international and domestic brands. SOHO Commercial and Residential Space above INCITY not only offers convenient access to matured facilities, but also guarantees the unlimited growth of value. Besides, Xi'an SCPG Novotel is tastefully designed and decorated in an exquisite and gorgeous style, which uncontiously helps upgrade the quality value of SOHO with its sound image.

SCPG Center is a matured city complex covering an area of 280,000 square meters equipped with six business forms: Xi'an INCITY, Park Hyatt MINI, World Opposite House, Babylon Park, Newstyle Club, and Xi'an SCPG Novotel. As part of the complex, IN SOHO has all matured commercial facilities. You can move in immediately after purchasing. IN SOHO assures you with its value.

Commercial and residential space above Dragon Head INCITY-Top-level [IN SOHO] decorated house model will open to public on March 19th, 2016. There will be a high-level meeting with leaders from all levels in Xi'an with cocktail parties, famous bands and interactions. It is a combination of technology and construction as well as smart techniques with space. We sincerely invite you to come and join us in this spectacular event!